To accelerate the application of Nature-based Solutions across North-West Europe it is crucial to share scientific and technical knowledge in the field of water and freshwater environments and to support and coordinate cooperation between interdisciplinary scientific groups and various operators involved in river restoration projects. 


GRAIE is an NGO who gained substantial experience in the Rhône River Restoration Programme as a ‘knowledge broker’. They leverage the potential of sharing knowledge and experiences as well as bringing together diverse partners such as project managers and scientists. GRAIE brings valuable experience in stakeholder involvement processes, including their aims, methods, and outcomes, into the ResiRiver project. Additionally, they will share their knowledge and experience gained on the implementation of NbS in the Rhône area since 1990. 

Collaboration and knowledge dissemination

GRAIE will collaborate with all partners to improve stakeholder involvement processes and develop training schemes and guidelines to develop understanding both within and outside the project.

The end goal 

The overarching aim of this pilot study is to improve existing guidelines and produce policy recommendations on stakeholders’ involvement for NbS.

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