Bunker Bay

Due to industrialization and pollution many waterways have deteriorated over time. This pilot project aims to restore and revive these waterways, ensuring they regain their ecological health and functionality. The objective is to employ Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to meet modern shipping demands while revitalizing ecosystems.


WSV will implement technical and biological bank protection measures, including living bush mattresses, vegetated ripraps, and hydraulic structures composed of natural materials. These NbS will be tested in the river Weser, building upon experiences from the Rhine River and other waterways.

Collaboration and knowledge dissemination

The collaborative spirit extends to education and training. WSV, alongside local organizations, develops educational material, incorporating transnational experiences and best practices. The aim is to mainstream NbS methodologies, fostering sustainable thinking and building practices. Local partners' insights will provide valuable feedback, shaping the project's trajectory.

The end goal

This pilot's significance goes beyond mere experimentation; it charts a course toward a standardized application of NbS. Directives and guidelines will be developed, echoing the project's findings, and providing benefits for future waterway endeavors. Hence Bunker Bay does not just become a geographical pilot location but a testament to innovation, collaboration, and a sustainable future for waterway management, inspiring for similar initiatives worldwide.