(Mixed Water Management Syndicate of Lys Basin, SYMSAGEL)

Within the ResiRiver project, the focus extends beyond merely understanding the application of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in riverine systems; it also emphasizes accelerating the uptake of NbS. This pilot  will focus on demonstrating what is necessary for successful implementation of  NbS in physical projects . 


SYMSAGEL will be redesigning and reconstructing five wetlands or natural flood expansion areas in the upper Lys river Basin. Two of them will be build within ResiRiver. At the location close to Matringhem, the following functions will be combined : flood risks prevention, biodiversity enhancement and recreational use. At the  Therouanne location emphasis will be on  improved water retention, high value ecosystem restoration and recreation.

Meanwhile the SYMSAGEL will design a comprehensive new river valley restauration plan on the same upper Lys basin area among two other connected tributaries. This plan will test mainstreaming Nbs for river valleys on a catchment scale.

Collaboration and knowledge dissemination
SYMSAGEL will act as a living laboratory for implementing the different learning and capacity building programs developed by transnational partners. 20 technicians, 20 politicians, about 30 members of the public and 30 high school students will be targeted. They will act as  facilitators for the implementation of the different training modules developed in this pilot. 

 The end goal
The primary aim is establishing two standardized approaches for NbS, plan ahead for the new decades of restauration works and a proven learning capacity building programme that supports the dissemination of those approaches. 


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