University of Liege

The University of Liège (ULiège) is an academic institution located in Liège, Belgium. The group HECE of ULiege is specialized in hydrological and hydrodynamic modelling of river systems, including flood risk modeling, climate impact assessment, and adaptation strategies. They have a strong track record in regional, national, and European projects, related to transboundary water management and climate change impacts. For example, “Adaptation of the Meuse to the Impacts of Climate Evolution”. 

ULiège's role in the project involves applying their modeling tools to support project objectives. They will simulate the effects of NbS in various pilot sites, providing quantitative indicators for cost-benefit analysis and visuals for communication. They will model the Lys pilot and the Vesdre catchment, emphasizing NbS effectiveness. And they will contribute to content creation by using model outcomes in training schemes and contributing to the standardization of guidelines for NbS modeling.

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