NbS perspectives from an external colleague

David serves as an NbS Riverine Practice Lead under the Engineering With Nature® (EWN) Program, as part of the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). After people associated with ResiRiver reached out to him about serving as an associated partner, he approached the EWN Program leadership requesting that he be able to engage with the kickoff in Nijmegen and beyond, and they enthusiastically expressed support for his participation.

He had a blast attending the kickoff. David: “It was a true honor getting to exchange ideas with the passionate folks involved in ResiRiver.” During his presentation he shared information about NbS implementation experiences within the USA, including important case studies and efforts to develop novel NbS guidance. He now works with planning teams to develop NbS opportunities in new construction projects and helps develop NbS guidance based on practitioner needs. He also helps lead applied research into quantifying the benefits of NbS. 

His main interests lie in the efforts to develop the statutes, policy and guidance for riverine NbS. Incorporating practitioner and end-user needs into new NbS guidance development is something he is passionate about. “I look forward to exchanging strategies for how to accomplish this with the ResiRiver team.” His goal? He wants to help the USACE emulate the NbS successes that ResiRiver initiates across Northwestern Europe (NWE) and ensure there's a strong pathway for knowledge transfer from the USA's lessons learned to NWE.